That Sinking Feeling

Made:       2020

Shown:    London Wetland Centre, London

I was chosen through a call out application to be part of 'Wetlands Unravelled'. A staggered, commissioned group show within the London Wetland Centre in Barnes, London. The exhibition is organised by Unravelled Arts

"Wetlands Unravelled will challenge artists to respond to this unique wetland environment by exploring issues of conflict through conservation, climate change and migration." - Unravelled Arts

Reacting to the climate emergency, I have made works directed linked to rising sea levels around the planet. The three sculptures are of vernacular buildings from locations where signs of sea level rise are evident and soon to be effected. They are currently sitting / submerged in a pond at various levels in accordance to current information related to high tides.


This exhibition is now live and open to the public until the end of September 2021. 

Photography by Julian Abrams / Paul Samuel White

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Alec Stevens 

Artist ~ Sculptor ~ Researcher

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British sculptor Alec Stevens, produces contemporary wooden sculptures and installations for historic & urban environments.

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