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That Sinking Feeling

Made:      2020

Shown:    London Wetland Centre, London

Project Partners: WWT, Unravelled Arts, The Golden Bottle Trust

I was chosen to be part of 'Wetlands Unravelled'. A commissioned group show within the London Wetland Centre.

"Wetlands Unravelled will challenge artists to respond to this unique wetland environment by exploring issues of conflict through conservation, climate change and migration." - Unravelled Arts

The world is changing with a great speed, growth, and purpose that is out of the control of most living things on the planet. The London Wetland Centre is an oasis, offering an escape from this chaos by being a person- made/maintained space where most aspects are regulated.

The effects of climate change can be seen here: the weather, wildlife and the changing fauna and flora. For some these are significant physical signals to wake up and take action to address a planet that is ‘not quite right’.

But there are certain things such as the ebb and flow, flood and drought of our waterways and coastlines that are not represented in this space. That Sinking Feeling focuses on the relationship between human habitation and rising water/sea levels. Using the centre’s controlled water level as a marker, the series of interventions, installed at varying heights, protrude from the water to signify current statistics related to water levels at high tide and their relationship with highlighted communities in the world. Change is happening.

Additional thanks are given to The Golden Bottle Trust in financially supporting the making of this sculptural series. Special thanks a given to Dr Zac Taylor for their advice during conception and to Robert Stevens for logistical and installation advice.

Photography by Julian Abrams / Paul Samuel White

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