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We are a duo of queer artists (Alec Stevens and Jo Kimber), we've been making works together since 2017 under the banner of, 'Polari Press'. Our work consists of zines, exhibitions and performances.


In a world of austerity, we have adapted using the resources that are available to us. We are driven by our desire to create work that is accessible and affordable to as many people as possible, hence zines. Jo is a talented writer and Alec is a skilled illustrator and sculptor. To make work we simply need paper, an idea and a willing audience. 


Our zines have taken us all over the world, we have been invited and shown our work in New York and Paris. Our work has been described as provocative, funny and voyeuristic.

Zines (previews available on titles in bold)

Secret Language of Queers

Old Market (FR & EN)

Josephine & Alec's Adult Pleasures 

Naturally Forming Glory Hole

Alec Zine

GOorithM #1

GOorithM #2

Why we hate doing presentations zine

Perv Book

Exhibited Locations (click for websites)

Palais du Tokyo, Paris, FRANCE

Arts Factory Paris, FRANCE

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Centre, New York, USA

Radio on, Bristol, UK

METAL, Peterborough, UK


METAL Queer Lab, Scottee / Lois Weaver

Queer Zine Culture - New project with academic Nathan Eisenstadt 


We are open to commissions. We believe zines can be an accessible, exciting and interesting way to share information and engage an audience.

Recent commissioned work includes:

  • The Bristol Culture Standard zine, commissioned by Watershed, Arnolfini & Bristol City Council.

  • The Cinema Rediscovered Zine, commissioned by Cinema ReDiscovered Film Festival.

Please contact us here to start a conversation about this.



Zines making can be a communal experience where the act of making and focusing on a specific subject is applied. Polari press can offer this facilitation to improve company moral, celebrate a day or compliment an event. 

Please contact us here to start a conversation about this.

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