Tall Tales Tiny Tavern

Made:       2016

Shown:    Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery - Royal Tunbridge Wells

Elijah Barlow is on the run from London. He has stolen something and the law is catching up with him in Tunbridge Wells. Where has he hidden the treasure? Tall Tales, Tiny Tavern tells the story of Elijah and his descendants’ quest to unravel the mystery. Spanning 150 years of the town’s history the story unfolds through the narratives of the inhabitants of the Sussex Arms tavern, who may unknowingly hold the secret of the treasure.


Inspired by and featuring the Museum’s dolls’ house furniture collection, Tall Tales, Tiny Tavern is an interactive installation in miniature by artist Alec Stevens and writer Jo Kimber commissioned by Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery.

Alec Stevens 

Artist ~ Sculptor ~ Researcher


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British sculptor Alec Stevens, produces contemporary wooden sculptures and installations for historic & urban environments.

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