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Queer Bar Light Room V1

Made:       2022 

Shown:    a space Arts Showcase, Southampton 2023

              First Friday Showcase, Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol 2022

              C.V.P. Residency Showcase, Marais, 2022

I was invited to be Artist in Residence within the C.V.P. Residency, based in the Marais district of Paris. I was surrounded by gay bars and overlooked by the Pompidou Centre’s imposing architecture. Whilst there I pondered the notion of a gay bars 'dark room’ as a place to explore fantasies, but that of restriction and evasion. Using the Pompidou's architecture as reference I adapted it by flipping it. Which led me to think, 'what are queer people fantasies?' 


I asked 20 internationally situated queers to share their queer fantasies. These contributions shaped a shared notion of where the queer mind can lead. Of these 20, 10 submitted their fantasies in written and verbal form. I derived a series of representative illustrations from these texts that were colour-coded to each submission. Allowing the narrative to be followed through colour but also queered through the mixing process of overlapping projections. 


Comprising of 2 video sequences of varying length, this work created during the C.V.P. Residency has the potential to be viewed an infinite amount of times with differing variants. Made in a modular formation ‘Queer Bar Light Room’ can be built upon featuring new fantasies, extending the queer fantasy vision to include ever diverse voices and visions of the present and future. 


Queer Bar Light Room is always projected onto frosted windows. Displaying to the world the vision of queer people. 


The development of this work is currently being supported by the ‘a space arts’ turning point bursary. 

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