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Museum for Neil

Made:       2013

Shown:    Hawson Memorial Residency - Jedburgh - Scottish Borders

I was selected to undertake the Hawson Memorial Winter Residency within the Scottish border town of Jedburgh


Research revealed that space celebrity, Neil Armstrong visited the Scottish borders the year after his moon landing in 1969 through the invitation by the Armstrong clan society who originate there.


Extended this narrative, I creating a museum dedicated to the touring space celebrity. Supposedly curated by a space committee based within Jedburgh town centre in 1970. Items within the collection include 11 replica wooden Saturn V rockets , a wooden scale moon, arm patch embroidery (developed by the local primary school), video footage and meat gifts.

This playful mixing up of fact and fiction was popular within local residents that mostly believed the many half truths I exhibited. "Artefacts" were displayed in a Geodesic Sphere housed on the Hawson Estate.

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