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Made:       2019

Shown:    C.V.P. Residency, Montmartre, Paris 

                  Pervasive Media Studio, Watershed, Bristol

I was invited  to become resident Artist within the C.V.P. residency program housed in Montmartre, Paris, France. 

Situated for two weeks within a top floor apartment with expansive views over the rooftops and sights of Paris, I created an array of works linked to the act of 'Perving'.

The residency resulted in a solo-show within the domestic / gallery space. Comprising of a series of large scale drawings, a video installation and an interventions where I invited the visitor to become 'Pervs' on the roof top terrace, binoculars in hand.

This residency period was generously supported by C.V.P. 

To accompany this exhibition a limited edition artist book was made. For purchasing information please contact the artist directly.

Photography /Videography by Augustin Puzio / Alec Stevens

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