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Made:       2020

Shown:     Various

During Covid-19 (March 2020 - Present day) togetherness was tough. Governmental advice instructed us to not meet with friends, exercise apart from others and to form trusted ‘bubbles’. QUEER HERE Banner was born out of the need to gather and be found. An anarchic statement to the world to express that QUEERs are HERE.


Banner making has a deep heritage in representing differing Union groups within mining and pit communities and has been adapted by the queers ever since the first pride march in 1970. 


QUEER HERE Banner has been utilised during cancelled pride events to signify a place for queers to meet and hang out, at club nights to celebrate togetherness, held proudly at marches and as a statement of defiance at straight venues such as the Henleaze swimming Lake during queer swim take-overs. 


The banner was made and design by Myself, Rachael Clarke and Jen Conway.

The shape and colour is linked to the hanky code and font choice (Ariel) is used to be read from up to 100m away.


QUEER HERE Banner is available for all queers to use. Contact me via this link.

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