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Night Time Blitz Experience

Made:       2020/21

Shown:    Online / Grangetown, Cardiff. Jan 2021

Project Website:

Project Partners: Art Shell, Heritage Lottery Fund

I was selected by way of artist open call by Cardiff based art group Artshell to investigate the eighty year anniversary of the Blitz on Grangetown, Cardiff. The 2nd of January 1941 at 6:30pm saw a huge hit on Cardiff killing 165 and making 6,000 homeless from enemy bombing. I have been working through a research-based process, supported by material provided by Grangetown Local History Society and the Glamorgan Archives, to make work that responds to some of the people and places affected by the Blitz in Grangetown.

My investigation focused on the Hollyman's Bakery situated in the centre of Grangetown where during this bombing 32 people sheltered from the parachuting landmines within the bakeries makeshift basement. A bomb landed directly onto of the roof killing all that were sheltering. Of the 32 people only 10 were named, leaving 22 people unidentified. 

The following artworks react to place, context and the unknown people surrounding Hollymans Bakery.

22 Unknown 

Projected animation

1min 17sec 


This site-specific looped projection adds presence and tribute to the 22 unknown people within the basement of Hollymans Bakery. Intentionally without detail, the animation gives space to wonder who these people might of been. Derived from 1940s newsreel footage of people seeking shelter and projected on a door way with Hollymans painted base. This piece was intended to be placed close to where the entrance of the former bakery and played from 6:30pm onwards on 2/1/2021.  

What Was Seen -  2nd Jan 1941



An Illustrated zine that describes the day leading to the bombing on the eve on the 2nd Jan 1941.

Taken from the viewpoint of a bowler hat, pidgin, tram shelter, horse, cinema seat and a glass of milk. These unusual viewpoints give you a fly on the wall perspective of the activities of the town during wartime Wales. Many thanks to the people of Grangetown that contributed towards the content within this zine. 



Hollymans Bakery has lost its presence within Grangetown since the Blitz. To remember and to enjoy the production of baked goods in a space that made them, Slices of barabrith were to be distributed on the eve of the 2nd Jan 2021 at Clarence Hardware on Corporation road. 

Due to current restrictions leading to the physical event being becoming digital, Loaves of Barabrith are currently being gifted with the “What Was Seen’ zine within the Grange Pavilion,  Grange Gardens, Grangetown, Cardiff. 

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