Made:       2012

Shown:    CAA Gallery -London

                    Brighton Open Houses - Brighton

                    NT Nymans - Basingstoke

This sculptural intervention was created for the National Trust's Nyman's property as part of an Unravelled Arts curated and commissioned exhibition.


During the second world war, Nyman's house housed and educated numerous young people evacuated from London.

Rifle, originally displayed at the exit of the country house is dyed to match the school uniform in which the evacuees arrived.The piece is made as a toy with the added functions of subverting and highlighting its placement within its surrounding.

I made rifle by first drawing the piece and then making based on that drawing, so the piece evolved like a childlike game of Chinese whispers. I made it with the intention that it would be used by the children that were there, as a toy, made to be played with, to have fun with and to make mischief with.

Rifle was placed at the exit of the home to highlight that the children evacuated to Nyman's were nearly of age to fight in the war they were escaping. P.Clover was one such child whom later became part of the armed forces. 

Alec Stevens 

Artist ~ Sculptor ~ Researcher


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British sculptor Alec Stevens, produces contemporary wooden sculptures and installations for historic & urban environments.

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